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Philips Visa Pure Advanced Home Facial Device

Philips Visa Pure Advanced Home Facial Device

Skincare and revitalization has slowly become a vital priority in my cleansing routine and reason being is that because with age, you are trying to ensure that your skin receives the best quality care that it can possibly get.

However with vigorous routines such as the ones that I am used to (talking 5-6 steps here), facial devices have to come into play and seeing that I am invested into doing double and sometimes even triple cleansing (yeap guilty), I would often sought out good grade beauty tools that would help aid in this whenever I possibly can.

Philips Visa Pure Advanced Home Facial Device
(Retail: RM1,399)


So with regards to that, the recent launching of the latest Philips Visapure Skincare Device came into Sephora, and with its deep gentle cleansing and warm care in its home skincare experience package, the product delivers wonderful micro-circulation, great absorption and penetration of skincare products together with it enabling to refresh tired eyes.

This device also comes in a delicate rose gold detailing that is certainly an attractive trigger pull for many, and with it, it also has a near field communication technology which has three attachments with a tailored programme that can recognize textures upon detection as well.

The Interchangable heads

Now if you were to get the kit at RM1,399, you would receive 3 interchangeable heads, 1 storage palette, 1 travel pouch and a charging stand. The settings and features would also include intelligent head recognition, two way rotation, waterproof, skin zone timer, 2 intensity settings and a 2 weeks usage per charge.

The Experience

Using the Deep Pore Cleansing Brush

Seeing as the features are quite amped, there are also quite a few highlights that I would like to mention in terms of the three interchangable brush heads which I really enjoyed using. So as we all know, in terms of the device's brush heads, Philips has a few varieties that can be chosen from Sephora; an anti-blemish brush, a deep pore cleansing one, an exfoliating cleansing brush and even a sensitive skin cleansing brush - all this of course depending on preference.

For the eyes

However if you are a combination or dry to combination user like me, the standard deep cleansing brush head should do the trick. This accessory was found to be very gentle on the skin and is designed to remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of pores, which overall makes the skin look radiant and healthy all day long.

Rotation Application to stimulate the skin

In terms of the pampering feel, the experience goes above and beyond my expectation and is truly like no other - plus it is something that I honestly love doing after a long and tiring day. The usage of the device is also very relaxing and if there was a possibility, I could hold the Visa Pure Advanced Facial Device to my face all day long and unwind along with it (A favorite routine I like to do here is the revitalizing massage).

Overall Thoughts

Now with regards to the availability, this new range of Philips Visapure products are available at selected Sephora outlets and no worries I will list them below for reference, but just in case you would like to take a look at more information in terms of the device, you can also visit Philips at their Official Website as well.

Philips Visapure Product Availability (Sephora):

Paradigm Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley Megamall, Suria KLCC, IOI City Mall, Gurney Paragon, Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu and KOMTAR.  



  1. I love the device. Can give my face a massage :)

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  10. i have one at home but diff brand. this one looks really good! but the price (-.-

  11. I love this device so much especially the massaging and eye. Love it :D

  12. I like the interchangeable head, all of the 3 are so useful and awesome for my skin. Plus they fit into my lifestyle.


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