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A day of style with Sudio Earphones

Tuning into sounds by Sudio

Sudio is a Swedishearphone has recently hit our shores and if you're the type who is looking for an elegantly designed stylish accessory to complement your mobile device, this is indeed an earphone that emphasizes class and style.

Founded in Stockholm, Sudio’s objective is to design earphones that not only provide studio quality sound but can also be admired as a wearable fashion accessory to complement an outfit. As designed by Swede Mats Wallsten, the Sudio earphone can be worn around the neck like an accessory, ready to be used at all times.


Now currently, Sudio has got two products under its mainframe which is called the Klang and Två. This stylish wood-like set that I have with me is called Klang and even though the name is similar of our town in Malaysia, the name is actually derived aptly from a Swedish word that describes sounds which are aesthetical and harmonious to human ears.

A Closer Look

With regards to its packaging, the box itself is designed like a book and unboxing was not only easy but a lot of fun, as each component is packed neatly into three individual boxes

The first impression in unboxing is that everything from the selection of materials, colors and components has been chosen to make Klang be a complement to a wardrobe of elegance and style. Below are the materials you would expect to find inside.

  • the owner’s manual and an elegant warranty card
  • a genuine leather carrying case
  • the flat corded Klang together with 4 pairs of replacement earbud tips of different sizes to fit your ears and a clip.

A great accessory to your mobile device

Now let's get on with the technical side. The Sudio Klang comes with a full-feature 3-Button Remote and Stay-in-Ear component.The flat cords are tangle-free and with one cord designed longer than the other; the longer cord receives support from the neck and prevents the earphones from being pulled out. 

This stay-in-ear feature therefore lets the user wear Klang as an accessory. The 3-Button remote is specifically designed for iOS, but not to fret as other operating systems still have a functioning button for picking up calls, although the volume increase/decrease buttons may differ.

Testing the sound

Now for the best part – the sound! For all those who are a little bit specific when it comes down to the tech, know that I have tried it on a variety of devices, both iOS and Android phones, high end Digital Audio Players as well as from my desktop playing both Mp3 and FLAC audio files and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Sudio asserts that the 10mm dynamic speaker has been designed to deliver natural bass without compromising high tones and they seem to have achieved this objective. Music is delivered with a vibrancy, spatiality and clarity and is not muddled or colored. The eartips provided ensure comfort and ease of insertion and are comfortable enough to wear for long hours of enjoyable music listening.

Pairing it up with your mobile

From what I see, the company prides itself on its quality and craftsmanship and each Sudio product comes with a Quality Assurance Card with a unique serial number enabling tracking to a series of quality assurance tests done on the product. As the company does the design, manufacturing and sales there are economies of scale and they are able to keep prices affordable.


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Validity: End of November 2015

So if you are wondering on its retail, the Sudio Klang currently retails for RM 249 and comes in 4 colours of Black, White, Brown and Orange. It is available at most reputable audio outlets as well as directly from Sudio Online at their Official Website with free shipping. For more info, you can head on to their website for further details.



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