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Colourpop Ultra Matte; Sundae Review

Colourpop Ultra Matte in the shade Sundae

You know that moment when you go online, watch a YouTube video and marvel at the scores of makeup products that being swatched on the channel?

Well that was pretty much how my first encounter with Colourpop Cosmetics went down a couple of years back, for it was a whole new discovery of colors; and somehow no matter how many times I resisted over time, a spark ignited within that compelled me to discover and explore more about their products and their brand.

Wearing it out

Now over the years, we all know that the beauty industry has since boomed for Colourpop and mind you that even with all the heavy publicity that they have been getting, their focus on producing quality products has never shifted and throughout it all, the brand has been very consistent.

So after taking a look at their Ultra Matte Lip Collection which launched two month back, I blew away all my resistance and got 11 out of the 25 matte shades. I gave each of them a fair tryout over the next few days and finally settled on this particular one in the tone "Sundae" because this was the only purple pink iridescence color in the entire collection.


Being a huge fan of extraordinary shades, I have always loved leaning towards hues that give a little more oomph to the lips. This one by Colourpop is super pretty and even though it is a little sheer and probably has the thinnest formulation out of the entire range, the shine within gives the lips a more plumper look and reflects the light extremely well.

The Swatch

The beauty of this color is that it can stay on the lips for up to eight hours without reapplication (tried and tested) and that it also washes off extremely well with an oil based makeup remover. However I can't say the same about the darker colours which I have come to realize; bleeds a little bit more than the lighter shades, especially when you are having little bites of oily food.

Application Pros and Cons

  • Stays on the lips for 8 hours
  • No reapplication needed
  • Doesn't settle in to the fine lines
  • Great applicator
  • Drys into a moisturizing matte finish
  • Solid color that does not wear off easily

  • Darker colors bleed slightly more than lighter ones

Retail Price: $6

The full look

However besides that, it has great affordable pricing of $6 a piece and I am truly impressed with the Colourpop's Ultra Matte Collection. Overall, I think they did a splendid job on their formulation, shades and packaging, plus switching in between colours during day and night does not even have to be that difficult anymore because you can simply layer the color that you would want on top of the other. This is all due of course to the matte formulation that Colourpop has done for their Ultra Matte Range.

So if you would like to find out more about Colourpop Cosmetics, you can head to this their Official Page but if you are looking to make a purchase on it in Malaysia or Singapore, head over to Makeup Niche for further details. They are fast, reliable and will definitely get your order delivered to you smoothly in the nick of time.

Outfit of the Day

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