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Zalora's First Outlet launched in Mitsui Outlet Park

Welcoming Zalora's First Outlet

For most of you that are constantly shopping online, you would already be familiar with Zalora's platform of providing the most fashion forward pieces at your convenience. They are prompt, easy, have great discounts, super friendly and the best part it, your parcel always shows up within two to three days notice. Need I say more?

Store Front

Now excited as we are shopping with them online, nothing beats the real thing. Feeling the fabric, trying clothes on, mix matching and what have you, it simply brings the whole idea of shopping to a more personal level.

So with regards to Zalora, we have seen a couple of their pop up stores here and there but there has never been a venue that was permanently placed. So when the brand launched its first ever outlet store at Mitsuit Outlet Park, needless to say that we were stoked.

Displaying the outfits
On the racks

Offering an extensive selection of off-season brands and products at attractive discounts with more than 3,000 square feet of retail, it is observed that hundreds of items are priced significantly lower than their original retail prices. Notably when we went around, some were even marked 90% off. I mean how amazing was that?

Plus that's not the only best bit. For those looking for a sense of variety, the stocks are completely refreshed every 2 weeks with expectation of assortments of fresh merchandise during each visit. So think new bags, new shoes and new clothes every two weeks.

The variety of shoes

Not going completely offline, the outlet also provides customers in-store online access to the official Zalora website through the store's tree iMacs that are equipped with high-fiber internet powered by TIME fiber Optic Communications.This way, customers will be able to browse through the thousands of new products and have the option of making their purchases online as well.

For Men
For women

For those that are interested in shoes, you would be please to know that after surveying the store, the footwear offered for both men and women are impressive. Stocking in ranges that varies from a vast collection of sizes, you can find assorted designs from flats, platforms, heels, pumps and more. Not only that, but Zalora keeps all of their items in pristine conditions so at its best price, you will also be getting a great matching quality as well.

A corner at RM15 nett

Off season clearance is a thing at Zalora, so when you are at their outlet store at Mitsui Outlet Park, head to the back and check out their items. Everything at that particular corner goes at RM15 nett, so you will be getting a bargain regardless of what you decide to get from there. This goes for clothes, bags and accessories included.

Zalora at Mitsui Outlet Park
The live mannequin show

Open for walk in customers seven days a week from 10am to 10pm, Zalora's outlet store is located at Lot G10 & G11 on the Ground Floor, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, Sepang. For more information on the different ranges included in their store, you can surf it up at their Official Website as well.


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  1. So this is exclusively a fashion/apparel outlet? None of their beauty products are sold here? I love Pen My Blog entries and I am a YT subscriber as well!


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