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Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic Roadshow at KLCC


Experience the fun at the Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic Roadshow

The long weekend is upon us and if you are spreeing your way around KL, head up to Suria KLCC to check out Estee Lauder's Modern Muse Roadshow. Showcasing tons of fun activities from hair to makeup, you can also take a look at their beautiful products displayed and find great promotions on their makeup and skincare sets.

A photo booth has also been set up for your pleasure, so once you have completed making your purchase and have been beautifully done up, you can also snap a few pictures and glam up with their fabulous accessories on the side as well.

Taking a closer look at Modern Muse

As for those who are interested in the Modern Muse/ Modern Muse Chic, know that its a fragrance that is all about personality. It is versatile for the Bold & Daring but it is also a power scent for the Chic & Fabulous.

The new edition; namely Modern Muse Chic takes on two different types of  notes depending on the skin, one a little floral and the other a more wood-type fragrance. Both scents are a lingering temptation and this is great treat for a girl who enjoys a little diversity in her life.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Roadshow
25th August -31st August (Centre Court, Suria KLCC)

Estee Lauder Makeup and Hair Counter

What was really memorable about the whole experience is to be able to really take a first hand look on what the roadshow has to offer. More often than not, most items from brands are usually displayed on its counter and as customers, if we would like to make a purchase, we have to know what we would want in advance.

Hence, having the practice of trying the products out for ourselves was a refreshing treat and even at the beauty counter, Estee Lauder makeup artists would even teach you how to do the trial on your own just so that when you bring the products back, you could also do it at the convenience of your own home.

Gift Sets
Skincare Range

Of course if you are looking for gifts sets, there is a whole array layed out for your own viewing pleasure. There are a few variations of these so you can definitely take your time and have a look or even ask the staff to assist you in choosing what is best for you or for your loved one.

Playing with colors

Not being the one to miss out on makeup, the best-sellers from Estee Lauder is also one to focus on at the roadshow. You will be able to weigh your opinions on their focal products with a provisional test on these products as well in the 3 Minute Beauty Session that has been set up at the counter, so that you can pin-point on the ones that are noteworthy to add into your vanity.

Modern Muse Collection

With regards, all this can be enjoyed by simply making any purchase at the Roadshow (no limited amount required), be it one eyeshadow palette, a perfume or even one lipstick. Once done, you will be treated with a free hair and makeup makeover together with countless photos with your loved ones.

Overall, it's a great experience not to be missed and if you would like to know more about the roadshow, head over to Estee Lauder's Official Website and their Facebook Page for further details.



  1. With all these make-up at one's disposal, there will not be an ugly person, externally. LOL

  2. I like their perfume. Always smell great on me. Too bad that I miss out the roadshow.

  3. awwww. Estee Lauder... I love their foundation a lot. will drop by to test out their perfume. thank you for sharing this babe! :D

  4. Wow!! Is seems like I going to add one more perfume into my collection >)

  5. love the makeup and perfume. Will be great if there is a brand that we can just refill the perfume bottle with perfume no need buy again the bottle. Think of how much we can save, what you think?

  6. gorgeous collection for gorgeous babe like you! love Estee Lauder too

  7. Never try out their perfume yet, gonna drop by and have a test on their perfume.

  8. Awesome products.. Always love estee lauder...... The collection is awesome!

  9. Love the estee lauder range and they are so long lasting. I havent tried their perfumes yet.

  10. i love their produucts very nice to use

  11. Would be great to have these in my collection! :D And I loveee their packaging too!

  12. Like the modern muse bottle. One of my keepsake list :)

  13. Estee Lauder is a brand since my mom's time... she used it before and I used it too and I love it.... trusted choice... definitely!!!

  14. haha hello Shivs! And yes, i fell in love with the scent instantly! I love how the scent changes as you think of a character

  15. Estee Lauder is my favourite products. i love it. Thank you for sharing

  16. Lovely products. Will check it out soon :)

  17. Nice event. Everything so gorgeous, bet the perfume smell lovely too.

  18. estee lauder, such a strong brand. Looking good there

  19. Try their foundation once it was so nice and easy apply! Long lasting product too! Perfume gift sets looks so nice!

  20. I heard so much about estee lauder recently.. Will go and check them out when I have the time! :D

  21. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day :)

  22. I loooove this perfume. Even my boyfie love the scent! Thinks it's sexy haha

  23. Your sharing just in time as I am gonna shop for a perfume :) Yeah! estee lauder :)
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