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Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Review

Lancôme Advanced Genifique

In the many years that we have come to know Lancôme, the brand has never failed to surprise. They have come out with some well formulated scrubs, great foundations,outstanding mascaras, cleansers and lipsticks and this time round, have returned with a newly updated version of their popular water-based serum; the Lancôme Genifique.

Dropper Applicator

This Advanced version of the Lancôme Genifique is said to reactivate the 10 key signs of youth with its anti-aging properties, so we put it to the test; using it consistently during the day and night. After a week of usage, we took note of the improvement for the skin did look a little smoother than before but it was only after two weeks did the properties of the serum really kick in.

Results (1st and 2nd week) on dry skin:

1st week after usage (7 days): Slightly smoother skin
2nd week after usage (14 days): Rejuvenated, hydrated and luminous skin.

Now with all the benefits that the Lancôme Advanced Genifique has to offer, there were still some concerns that we had with this little bottle of youth. For as much as we had enjoyed using it, the amount of alcohol that was in the serum's latest formula (pro-aging) is still a big no no, especially to those who are prone to acne and sensitive skin. Breakouts, redness and inflammation could occur, so with regards to this, we would honestly say to be cautious.

The consistancy

Anyway, do not be too put off yet. For those who are looking to improve their skin condition to a more luminous and even glow, this product is a good investment in the long run. Keep in mind, this applies mostly to those with combination skin with no severe problems to acne. There are decent benefits such as Vitamin C (antioxidants), Sodium hyaluronate (skin repair) so in terms of giving your skin the ideal measures that it needs, the serum does deliver.

However, the part where draws a little bit of a jolt is its price; which comes up to a jarring amount of RM381.60 for 50ML and RM514.10 for a 75ML bottle; all inclusive of GST. Nonetheless, its quality above quantity so of course what you pay for is what you get that is best for your skin.

Pros: Sleek packaging, lightweight, smooth and offers decent benefits to the skin

Cons: Price and slight risk skin irritation (alcohol)

*dispensed via a dropper applicator.

Smoother and radiant skin after two weeks

I honestly would say that I would need to finish using the bottle within three months or so to see the product's fullest potential as I am still on the fence on whether I would make a repurchase. However if you would like to know more details, do check out the the Lancôme Advanced Genifique on Lancôme's Official Website and Facebook Page to get a deeper insight on the product and its formulation.



  1. I bought this recently! Great stuff. I love the texture and really great absorption to skin.

  2. nice to know but this brand. Looks good, but I no try before. :D

  3. wow the bottle packaging really nice la... so elegant !

  4. Been wanting to try this, but the price, gulp!

  5. im sure after a couple of months you can really see the difference on the skin :) can't wait for the result

  6. If it's Lancome, I definitely believe in its efficacy.

  7. Tried this and I love it too! Thanks for sharing dear =)

  8. love your last photo - keep smiling! will definitely check out the product.

  9. Definitely would love to try this.. but have to save up a bit first... huhuhu

  10. My skin is always dehydrate and I feel lack of confident due to the poor skin condition.
    Would like to try this product to restore my face's hydration. :)

  11. ahhh! love all your shoots, why so pretty one :p the texture of the serum looks great tho

  12. Lancome is a beautiful brand and even though I have used few of them, this youth drops are quite hydrating.

  13. Loves your pic dear! I think I need it for my skin, we should start to take care our skin since we are always facing laptop and under sun.

  14. sometimes i think, no matter what you put on, you still look so beautiful, with flawless skin and all. Please give me your secret to eternal youth !

  15. I have used Genefique and other Lancome products. Definitely worth-trying even if a bit high priced.

  16. I like this brand for its quality, can't wait to try out this series :)

  17. I have tried this product before and I personally think I need to use for a certain period only i can see my complexion getting better.

  18. If you use it consistently you will see the results, if the alcohol content that irritates you then you might need to think twice to continue using it or not.


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