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Air Asia's Inaugural Flight to Kaohsiung, Taiwan Part 2

Ketington Resort

There are many things to conclude from our second and third day of stay at Kaohsiung, but before I get ahead of myself, let's talk about what was last promised; the sights. Kaohsiung is home to many beautiful landmarks and more often than not, if you are not willing to walk, they can be missed.

Chuanfanshi (Nixon's Head)

The view at Chuanfanshi
The Viewing Point

This beautiful place is sorted along the western shoreline of southern Taiwan and from a distance, this natural formation looks a little like a sailing ship, coasting along the sea.

However upon closer inspection, it resembles the profile of the former U.S. President Richard Nixon, so hence it know as "Nixon's Head." An odd name I know, but surrounded by impressive coral reefs, this is a stunning scenic destination you do not want to miss.

Amanda Hotel

The Entrance

Stopping over this hotel for lunch in Keting City, we were blown away by the theme and architecture of this masterpiece. You'd be surprise but Kaohsiung has a lot of variety when it comes to themed resorts. Each of them truly goes the extra mile way in terms of effort to make their venue impressive and this one at Amanda Hotel was simply the state of the art.

Each decor is selectively handpicked by the owner
Fully furnished and equipped with all essentials

Classically inspired by Moroccan influences, every room in Amanda Hotel is fabulously furnished. Each hotel room has a rather different approach but keeping in tune with deep tones of purple and reds makes the whole feel seemingly rich and homely at the same time.

Essaouira Restaurant, Amanda Hotel

The Layout of the restaurant
Dishes well served

With a mixture of Chinese, Arabic and a hint of Mediterranean, the dishes served at Essaouira were delectable and tasteful. A fusion blend of spices could be detected in the variety of the dishes that was plated up for serve but all were well executed and every presentation was immensely impressive.

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

The sculptures at the entrance of the Aquarium

If you could have seen my face at this stunning place, you would know that this was the venue I was most excited about during the trip. Gaping in awe just merely at the entrance, we quickly went in to experience the wonders of what the aquarium could give us.

The Displays
Rare sightings of the White Beluga Whale

At the tour, we were treated to the beauty of the ocean, each sighting more beautiful than the next. The locale and layout of the entire place was simple enough to maneuver around and the construct built within was very real to the actual feel of the deep sea.

Plus with an extremely rare sighting of two White Beluga Whales (as this is the only place to see them in the whole of our Asian region), who could ask for more right?

Natural Hot Springs in Checheng Township
The Location
The Hot Springs

Hot springs. The two words that would get literally anyone off their feet and up and running. Now as this is Taiwan, you would probably be wondering, why is this in the heart of Kaohsiung? Isn't this a Japan thing? Well yes. 

You see, this historic site in Checheng Township was founded by the Japanese back in the day when they were ruling Taiwan and despite that it has been around for more than 100 years, it has remained well maintained and modernized following the times till this day.

Their signature matcha green tea ice cream

What's interesting here though is that there are more than just that one hot spring and they cater to each skin type. Plus other than the public baths outdoors, there is also a private one just for you to enjoy alone indoors.

Oh and did I mention that their signature dessert of matcha green tea ice cream is amazing? A cold mix of sweet green tea ice cream, complimenting red beads and sticky delicious rice balls. What a delight to the taste buds.

Baishawan (White Sands Bay)

The scenic white sands bay
Upon a closer look

Filmed as the end locale of the Life of Pi, this white beach is formed by shell sand and cradled by great coral reefs. This scenic spot in Kenting, Baisha is a rather famous tourist area and is a great space to occupy especially during the mornings and evenings. 

A brief walk on the shores would enable you to appreciate the lapping waves and the horizon of the sea and sands, plus if you are a fan of water activities, there is also a spot where you will be able to get gear rentals as well.


The crowd at the view point
The sunset

If you love watching sunsets, then Guanshan is the place for you. You might need to walk a little to reach to the peak but the view up over at over the Taiwan Straits is spectacular. There is even a sitting area to accommodate you if you come early so that you can settle and rest after the walk before you take a look at the sight.

Ever Spring Eco-Farm

The entrance
The courses

Ending our day at the Ever Spring Eco-Farm at Hengchun Township, we were treated to a scrumptious meal along with a firefly tour later on. Enjoying many local dishes, the four variety set above are a couple of their signatures. However a notable one to mention was their home bred fried chicken that are raised naturally without any usage of enhancements. Grilled well, the chicken had crispy skin and great flavor.

With regards, this post comes to an end for Part 2 of our trip, however if you have yet to read Part 1, you can head on over this link to know more. To find out further details on the other hand on the flights available for Kaohsiung, you can head over to Air Asia's Official Website for more details.


AirAsia to Kaohsiung (AK170) departs KLIA2 at 8:30am and 1pm (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)
AirAsia to Kaohsiung (AK171) departs KLIA2 at 1:30pm and 5:50pm (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

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