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A new discovery with the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

The Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

So we are starting the week with a new beauty tool read and this one from has been an applicator that has pleasantly surprised me over the past few days. I haven't really been exploring much with beauty tools per-se so coming across this one definitely was a revelation.

One thing I really adore about this whole discovery is that the search and study with these type of beauty tools and kits are endless. After all, one never really stops learning. Plus when you come across something wonderful, it is always a good thing to share it out with others as well.

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

What does it do?

So with all that being said, I would like to introduce to you this little gem called the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator. This product is made in Korea and what it does is that it helps absorbs skin care ingredients deep into the skin and improves blood circulation.

Conjointly, it is also one of its kind; what with it being made with Galvanic Ion that uses the principle of ionization. It helps deliver the cosmetic nutrients into the skin by gentle vibration which is a great thing and is also more efficient and hygienic rather than applying the skincare products on your own with your bare hands.
How to use?

Being small and compact, the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator does not look like one of those hefty tools that professionals or skin specialists bring about (thank goodness) but with its gleaming shine and dainty chic appearance; it is a tool that one would definitely enjoy carrying around. After all, being travel friendly and accessible at all times sounds like a dream to me.

How to use the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator:

Step 1: Unbox the product.
Step 2: Open the clasp at the back to unveil the battery slot.
Step 3: Insert 1X AAA battery inside and close the clasp.
Step 4: Apply your serum/ moisturizer.
Step 5: Gently press the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator to the skin.
Step 6: You will feel a cooling vibration. Start from the middle of your face and work your way out for 5 minutes.

Overall Thoughts

With all things considered, the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator is a wonderful invention and it definitely has opened up my eyes to how beauty tools are being used. Granted, you might not see the results immediately, but over time you will see an improvement on the skin.

Pros: Penetrates skin ingredients into the skin, gently improves blood circulation, travel friendly.

Cons: No 'Off' switch. Have to remove the battery when not in use.

This product is offered at and for the low low price of RM38 *gasp* it is a super affordable investment that I would gladly repurchase again and again if needed to be. The only thing is that the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator sells out on the site pretty fast, so if you would like to make a purchase, you can head over to think link here. In the meantime, I have also included a brief video if you all would like to take a closer look.

Meanwhile, for more details or to take a look at the other 200 over brands at, you can also head over to their Official Website, Facebook or even Instagram Page for more updates.


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