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Shiseido Professional Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa and Scalp Treatment

Hairco, at The Gardens Mall Midvalley

It has been really great to know that scalp care has been taking the hair-care world by storm and thus introducing the latest refreshing regimen called Hair Care Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa Treatment by Shiseido Professional, it has been an absolute delight to come across such an unique analysis to add into the entry.

The Salon Within

This treatment was done at the stylish Hairco Salon at The Gardens Mall, Midvalley and is conditioned to promote blood circulation and foster healthy scalp condition for luscious hair growth. The Fuente Forte Hair Care Range is highly formulated with none other than Carbonic Acid that intensively hydrates the scalp and overall rejuvenates with its soft sweet green-floral scent.

How To, Benefits and Home Care

The Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa and Scalp Treatment

There are 6 products used for this hair-care treatment, so to start off with we began with the Circulist Cleanser (foam) that gives a cooling sensation to the scalp when sprayed upon. A gentle massage is given from the stylist to slowly work the product in so that it thoroughly removes impurities and excess sebum.

Once the Circulist Cleanser has been soaked in, we rinse it off with the Fuente Forte Shampoo. This removes any scalp damaging impurities while retaining the moisture balance of the strands. The fragrance is mild and also is worked in gently with the fingertips to the scalp.

The Circulist Treatment

Next, the Circulist Treatment (Combination of TM Gel and TM Powder to a carbonated gel) is given to the acupressure points of the scalp to remove residual lipids from the scalp. This is a rather foamy whipped sort of consistency and promotes blood circulation while refreshing the scalp.

Of course in terms of moisturizing properties the Fuente Forte Treatment is also given to boost the moisture and resilience of the hair. It deeply conditions the scalp and is suitable for home use too. Now with all this being done, there is always room for that extra layer of pampering for the scalp; so the Circulist Soda is given. This is sprayed in sections and is gently layed on the hair for hydration. We should mention that you will sense a little crackling feel when it is being pressed down to the scalp as well.

The range of Shiseido Professional at Hairco
The price range for treatments at Hairco

Last but not least a few added drops of the Power Beauty Drop is added to the scalp. This comes in two types one available for oily and another for dry. It is no surprised which was used here as the skin condition does travel all the way back, so gently massaging it in, the one for the Dry Scalp was indeed ideal for the condition that my scalp was in.

Now eventhough not all products are available for home care, I will be stating the pricing for those that are below. A personal favorite of mine was the Shiseido Professional Circulist Soda so if you are looking for something to help with hydration and to boost hair growth, that would be the one for you.

Price Range for Shiseido Professional Fuente Forte Home Care

1. Shiseido Professional Circulist Soda (190ml) : RM75 *highly recommended*
2. Power Beauty Drop (Oily/Dry) (60ml) : RM128

After Treatment

Overall the whole experience was very refreshing and the scalp felt extremely cleansed and cool throughout the day. Softness of the hair and healthy strands were maintained throughout the week and in the long term I was equally very impressed.

Hairco (Next to Isetan 2nd Floor)
S235A, The Gardens Mall
Midvalley City.

* Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm
* Contact Details: 03 2287 6428

So if you do feel like your scalp needs a little pampering or a thorough relieve, I would truly recommend this treatment. It rejuvenates and it really does help reduce hair-fall too. If you are nearby Midvalley, you can head over to Hairco for a pampering experience but in the meantime for more information on the Shiseido Professional Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa and Scalp Treatment and its products, you can visit Shiseido Professional Official Facebook Page as well.



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