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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Preview

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD 

My love for Make Up For Ever has been one for the ages and knowing the brand for so long on their articulate artistry products; their evolving results of color expertise and formulation have always seem heightens my spirits.

So it was no surprise that when the announcement came for their new Ultra HD Foundation to be released worldwide, it was an exciting time; even though on a personal note, the wait for it to come to Malaysia was extremely gut-wrenching. Nonetheless after all the anticipation, the Ultra HD Foundation has finally arrived at our shores and the expectation was definitely well worth the wait.

With Ms Laila Friedli, International PRO Trainer & Makeup Artist from Paris

So you must be wondering what is the difference between the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD and the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation? Well, in summary I have stated it all down below; but as a short brief, the Ultra HD Foundation is basically like a second layer to the skin and its moisturizing formula looks extremely natural and invisible on a 4K camera and as well as to the naked eye.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD VS Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Packaging: Both are similar except the one in Ultra HD has a silver rim around the cap instead of a black one

Coverage: Depending on the brushes you use, the Ultra HD can go from light, medium and full coverage, where else the HD Foundation goes on from medium to high coverage only.

Color Coding: The new Ultra HD has easier referencing (Y) = Yellow Undertone and (R) = Red Undertone

Shades Available: Ultra HD: 40 shades / HD Foundation: 26 shades

Price:  Ultra HD: RM180/ 30ml ; HD Foundation: RM175 / 30ml 

The range of MUFE Ultra HD

Now after looking at the brief, we must ask; why the regeneration? After all we do have the HD Foundation already; why the Ultra HD? Well, technically the whole concept behind the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation is for the skin to look flawless with minimal touch up and it also has to be well suited in the world of entertainment (a.k.a television).

The Ultra HD under  Strong White Light

Usually with all the hustle and bustle that goes on in the TV industry, makeup artists nowadays are looking for more fluid textures that blend seamlessly into the skin.

It also has to be something that conceals imperfections to unify the texture as well. So naturally this is where the Ultra HD comes in and with it being great for all skin types, it also gives the user an incredibly natural and luminous result.

A Closer Look

However in terms of the color range; the Ultra HD began with its predecessor's 26 shades and after deciding to discontinue 2, added another 16 to its collection. So hence there are now 40 shades to the range and all have been added in with the 4K complex for soft focus.

Nonetheless, one thing to note about this Ultra HD Foundation is that its stability works better light. So always remember that less is more, as the more heavier the coverage is, the more the foundation is likely to shift.

With and without flash

Having tried on the consistency, I can safely say that in terms of longevity, the foundation is able to last flawlessly on the skin for a good 4-5 hours. No touch up is required and the texture is extremely lightweight.

I will definitely be expanding on it more on a more hands on review but in the meantime, the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD will be in their Pro Boutique and in Sephora stores by 3rd September 2015. In the meantime, for more information, you can always head to their Official Facebook Page for further details.


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