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Davines Natural Tech Hair Spa Treatment Review

Davines In-House Salon

Nowadays it seems to me that more people are focusing more on scalp care and on a personal level I believe that it is the best news that I have ever heard. I mean back when most people didn't even know that the issues even began with their scalp, hair loss and breakage begun and the only solution that they would believe in is to be trimming off their ends and conditioning them.

Diagnostic device for the scalp

While we all know it to be a good thing to trim and keep your hair in place every six months, I think it is really great that more hair-care brands are coming out and educating their customers about scalp care.

With regards, I am pretty sure that not many of us have heard about the Italian brand Davines, but truth to be told, they have been around in Malaysia for over 10 years; and have been making waves in the industry for healthier textures, damage free hair and softer and lightweight hair quality.

Testing it out
The results after the scan

Upon visiting their office, I honestly didn't know what to expect. If you have kept up with me, you would know that I have tried my fair share of hair treatments but as I am a little careful, I only have a selected few of scalp care ones.

Walking in and cringing at the thought that my hair was in a bad place, I was pleasantly surprised that the only issue that my hair had after the scan was that its fine follicles was blocked by dead skin cells. I am not sure if you can see it from the picture, but the blurring effect at the surface was the cause of dryness on the scalp and hence by not conditioning and clearing, it resulted to excess dead skin cells.

Davines Natural Tech Hair Spa

Davines Well-Being Massage Oil

For Davines, their concentration is on two things when it comes to hair care; their formulation and effectiveness. Plus gathering from what was experienced, all of their products are fully natural, their brand is extremely environmental friendly and their essential oils exceed beyond expectation.

However before I dive into the many reason why their essential oils are revolutionary, let me talk about the steps to Davines Natural Tech Hair Spa Treatment. There are six steps overall and starting out from the top, the Well-Being Massage Oil was massaged gently into the scalp, as to stimulate the blood cells within for better penetration.

The NaturalTech Depolluting Mud
Application was done in sections

Second was the application of the NaturalTech Depolluting Mud which was applied thoroughly to the scalp in sections for 10 minutes; giving a cooling measure to the head if I might say so as well. This formulation is based on clay from the spa area of Acqio Terme and ensures perfect removal of any dust of smog particles that have settled into the hair.

One for the scalp, another for the hair

Now for the products that I absolutely adore from the range. These shampoos are absolutely divine and even though a simple rave about them on their fruity fragrance would be sufficient enough, their formulations are really something notable.

There were the two that were used on my hair and even though it may be surprising that someone would need two shampoos to go on at the same time; each of these tackles different issues. The Depolluting Scrub Shampoo is one that tackles the scalp and revitalizes its tones where else the Nourishing Shampoo focuses on nourishing dry and brittle hair. What's great is that they are also not only salon owned but instead are take home products which on preference can be used to keep up with the consistency of the hair.

The conditiong
The Mixture

The shampoos left the hair feeling extremely soft and fruity good and after toweling it through for a good five minutes; another mixture of the Essential Haircare 0I was applied to coat the hair with extraordinary softness, shine and body. This particular blend prevents hair aging and strong anti-oxidant action.

Adding in two of Davines Beauty Award products

Now for the last step. These additional two are Davines pride and joy and have also cinched top places in the HerWorld Beauty Awards.

One is the Absolute Beautifying Potion that creates a protective film on the hair without affecting the performance of subsequent treatments while the other, which is the All In One Milk Multi Benefit Beauty Treatment gives great conditioning effect to the hair leaving it soft, resistant to stress and protect the hair from heat damage.

Price Range: 

Davines Absolute Beautifying Potion: RM111
Davines All In One Milk Multi Benefit Beauty Treatment: RM88

The results

Now the results on camera may not look like much but me oh my does the hair feel different after. The hair consistency is soft and untangled and the lightweight vibrancy of the texture is amazing. The scent still goes strong even after a day and the scalp feels immensely refreshed.

Depending on the post care; this treatment can last up to 10-12 washes and I would highly recommend this to anyone; especially to those with intense scalp dehydration, color and hair care issues. I have included a list of salons below on where you will be able to find this treatment at soon but in the meantime if you are looking for more information on Davines products, you can head over to their Official Website. If you are looking for updates instead, you can always log on to their Official Facebook Page.

NaturalTech Treatments available at:

Pier Salon : 45 Lorong Batu Nilam 1A, Kawasan 4, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang
Doll Stage Hair Studio: Jalan Setia Prima B U13/B, Bukit Raja, 40170 Shah Alam
Dye & Scissors Barber Shop: 28 Jalan Sentosa 5, Kawasan 4, Taman Chi Liung 2, Klang
Hair Bluey : 6 Jalan Bayu Tinggi, 2A, Kawasan 4, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 41200, Klang
Precious Hair Art: 3 Jalan Kenari 17F, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Cheveux Studio: 20 Jalan Bayu Tinggi 5, Kawasan 4, Taman Chi Liung 2, 42000 Klang


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