What to Wear : KLFW 2015

Classic simplicity at KLFW

With KL Fashion Week 2015 come and gone, the fashion scene has gradually slowed its pace. However, welcoming the second run of Malaysia Fashion Week in November, the scurry of trendy, upscale apparels are already quickly flying off the shelves. So whatever it is, always remember that it is never too early to plan your outfit for the occasion.

Full Outfit Shot

Looking back on KLFW, I realized I saw a lot of black, black and well...more black. Well on my end I have always adored the color as well (its my comfort shade to be honest) but I decided to switch it up a little with a neutral palette of frosted ivory white, granite grey and ecru brown.

Assembling the look

Always having a thing for marble prints, its role played a part here and mashing up with a long black skirt from LASH definitely did the trick to make the entire outfit look whole. Fitting silhouettes are fun to play with and as perplum tops dominated the 2014 fashion scene, bringing it back only compliment the assemble. Very minimalist and edgy that one.

Flipping through the glossy pages of thick magazines, we would know that nothing goes better than a simple black heel with a long skirt and a edgy perplum top; so to top it all off, a classic 5-inch heel was brought in as well. I have to mention that this particular high heel was extremely comfortable to wear due to the additional pumps on the front, so if you are going to be sitting and standing for long hours, this would be one to go for.

On Makeup

Now I had a lot of questions about the makeup that was done at KLFW so to narrow it down I shall be listing all the products used below. The lip color was a major staple here so I am just going to say thank you Colorpop Ultra Matte in Lax. It was an awesome shade that stayed on my lip throughout the whole duration of KLFW with no touch up whatsoever so this ladies is definitely noteworthy.

Makeup Details:

Foundation: Mixture of MUFE Face and Body Foundation + Marc Jacobs Gel Foundation in Golden Deep.

Eyebrows: Catrice Eyebrow Set

Eyes: Makeup Geek eyeshadows, COVO Mascara, Kate Gel and Liquid Liner

Contour: Zoeva Contour Palette

Blush: Urban Decay After Glow 8-Hour Blush in Bang

Lip: Colorpop Ultra Matte in the shade Lax

I have also listed down where the apparels were from down below for easier reference. Majority of it is from Zalora, so if you would like to take a look, you can do so below. In the meantime, I hope this article has helped assist you in some way and I look forward to meeting some of you in the upcoming Malaysia Fashion Week.

Outfit of the Day

Watch: Kenzo Timepiece

Accessories: Lovisa

Black Midi Skirt: Lash from Zalora

Clutch : Unisa from Zalora

Black Heels: Zalora


  1. i love the top!so gorgeous! and that killer lip!

    1. Awh thanks Cindy :) You're too sweet ^^

  2. Wow! The look is so cool! Love it very much!

  3. Black and white look great on you, babe :* and those killer lips!! *melts* haha

    Xoxo, FiSh @ www.ohfishiee.com

  4. Great OOTD sharing dear!! You looked gorgeous and attractive ^^

  5. I love this look so much, you should do this often. The top suits you, really nice.

  6. love the top and stilettos. btw, the lips look amazing :P

  7. Your outfit really stand out. I like your necklace.

  8. I love the clothes from something Borrowed on Zalors too! Affordable also!!

  9. Awesome shots. I don't like black but it is a safe colour for me... not easy to get dirty, or at least won't be that visible. LOL

  10. I actually love how you match your hair color and your lip color. Looks gorgeous! And your outfit ensemble is pretty too!

  11. Pretty girl!!!
    I love your outfit~~~
    You look so cool~~~

  12. Nice outfit you have dear! Love your cool make up too, espcially your dark lip colour look nice on you, as not everyone suitable to have it!

  13. You are gorgeous my dear! Thanks for sharing~ Guess what? I am always having a bad fashion sense. =(

  14. fashionista !! nice outfit n well makeup!!

  15. i love the top.. looking great there babe!! :D

  16. I always wanted to try sth different. ur are wearing a string perplm top here, and it really look nice! thanks for showing how to wear the perplum top, keep on updating yea =D

    black is a safe colour, so I like ur go different way!

  17. nice outfit indeed. you look cool

  18. I love your look! Looks so classy and the dark lips make your looks cooler!!

  19. Babe! You look stunning as always :* hehe.

  20. you have a great sense of style, if i see you i always look twice! love the get up of the outfit that is unique and gorgeous too

  21. I don't think I can pull off wearing such bold lipstick. You look great.

  22. Love your makeup, so fierce and certainly match the outfit :)

  23. wah, such a gothic look. :).. love this look.

  24. nice ootd, fall in love with your sexy black dress !

  25. Wow you are so vampy beautiful esp. with that lipstick! Love your outfit too!

  26. I love your make up, outfit and everything! Pretty! You look great with your lipstick colour :)
    Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/

  27. In fashion it's always a game of catching up! Glad you finally dare to come out of your comfort zone, lil and by lil you can do it! :)

  28. black colored items are a must have in any fashionista's wardrobe! love colourpop stuff and would love to try it soon! :)

    following your blog, follow me back yeah!


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