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KOSÉ SkinTech 2015

At the unveil of KOSÉ SkinTech

The essence of beauty is a splendid thing and for decades, KOSÉ Corporation has been working passionately in search of it. Using the combination of nature and science, 2015 marks the starts of an exciting future with two brand new key products from its most well-loved brands Infinity KOSÉ and Cosme Decorte.

Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid
Ingredients within Kojic Acid

So to start of with, let's unveil the two unique innovations together with that one effective ingredient that took KOSÉ Corporation years to perfect. Streaming in with the highlight which is the Kojic Acid Technology, this compelling element was from the gastronomic tradition to perfect skin clarity. It is also the active ingredient behind the two brand new products being introduced in KOSÉ SkinTech as well.

Kojic Acid = A naturally sourced substance that has smaller whitening agents that is able to penetrate into the skin more effectively. It also helps to lighten dark spots. A star ingredient in a few KOSÉ whitening skincare series including Infinity KOSÉ  Realizing White XX and Cosme Decorte Whitelogist MX. 

A closer look at Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid

So starting off with the very first product, we have here the Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid. For this new addition, you would realize that the word 'Cosme' has been taken out of the title, hence is now labeled as 'Decorte'. This high performance lotion improves skin dullness, rough and dryness. The texture is light, cooling and has a slight dense milky shade and consistency. It is also oil free, paraben free and best of all is suited to all skin types inclusive of sensitive skin.

How To: 

Use a cotton and gently pat on the skin. Can be used as a lotion mask.
Day and night after emulsion.

Result : Improve skin clarity, firmness and minimize pores.
Retail: RM378.40 / 170ml (inclusive of GST)

Cosme Decorte Whitelogist MX

Now the next product we have here is a star product by the name of Cosme Decorte Whitelogist MX. Though not completely new, this is a noteworthy mention that we are adding for this whitening serum penetrates deeply into the skin to prevent dark sports and freckles to create a bright illuminating white complexion.

How To: 

Use 2 pumps on the palm and smooth it over after toner.
Use its light, non oily texture during the day and night.

Result : Leaves skin smooth and hydrated. Lightens pigmentation as well.
Retail: RM538 / 40ml (inclusive of GST)

KOSÉ  Realizing White XX Skincare Range

Speaking of sparkling complexions, its now time to introduce to KOSÉ  Realizing White Skincare Range. These two above is the lotion and the serum that acts effectively on any skin type and helps it become clear and bright from within. The lotion is the first step that softens the hard skin and with its whitening and anti-aging effects, the skin will become firm, radiant and clear. Retailing at RM288.30 / 160ml.

In terms of the second step in the range, we have the whitening serum with kojic acid that eradicates all blemishes caused by harmful UV rays, aging,stress and hormonal imbalance. This is slightly more costly than the lotion as it retails for RM411.20 / 40ml.

The Infinity KOSÉ  Realizing White Stick XX

The new one to the addition however is the Infinity KOSÉ Realizing White Stick XX that targets on certain spots or pigmentation  that delivers the active whitening ingredient to the root cause of melanin. For the best results you can use the it together with the skincare range as mentioned above.

How To: 

Apply directly on the freckles, spots and blemishes.
Use during the day and night in circular motion twice or three times over each area.

Result : Lightens pigmentation and spots.
Retail: RM254.40 / 4g (inclusive of GST)

Complete unveil of the products

Of course for more information on the products, KOSÉ Skin Tech 2015, Cosme Decorte and Infinity KOSÉ skincare range, you can always head over to KOSÉ Official Website and Facebook Page. They are definitely worth checking out so do take a look when you can.



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